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Saturn’s Rings Are Much More Massive Than We Thought

saturn phoebe ring

A weird little mystery surrounding one of Saturn’s Moons has led to a massive discovery about Saturn’s rings. Iapetus, one of Saturn’s moons, was a weird-looking fella. It was called the yin-yang moon because one side was black, and the other was white. Scientists had absolutely no idea how or why something like that could even happen on an orbiting Moon. Scientists were given something they can never resist: a mystery. They turned the Spitzer ...

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6 Amazing Things We’ve Learned About Pluto (So Far…)

11 New Facts About Pluto

Humanity’s Perspective on Pluto Has Massively Changed. For years Pluto was more of a distant notion than a real thing. It’s like your friend whose always working on that novel: you know he’s working on it, but if you ask him to describe he gets flustered and defensive. That’s now NASA scientists have been since 1930, when Pluto was discovered. But unlike your friend’s novel, NASA engineers actually did something about it and now we ...

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The Tango Between Venus and Earth Puts All Your Dance Marathons to Shame…

Venus Earth Orbit

Sometimes mathematics makes beautiful images. And as it turns out, Venus and Earth have been performing a mathematical dance for millions of years. Venus is much closer to the Sun and as a result has a shorter orbit. But someone noticed that 8 Earth years is roughly equivalent to 13 Venus years. What does this mean? It means that Earth and Venus have been waltzing around the Sun in perfect mathematical harmony for millions of ...

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